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Preference Academy is a special place, one where students are both nurtured and challenged as they grow to become exceptional young men and women. Our virtual campus is a safe space where students can grow spiritually and intellectually. The brothers and sisters that make up our administration and faculty serve as a beacon of faith and stability to our young ones in an ever-changing world. Our general education academic program prepares students for the variety of challenges they will meet beyond the virtual walls of Preference. Our students are balanced and well-rounded, and they take advantage of a wide range of academic, athletic, artistic, and spiritually goal-oriented opportunities as they get to know themselves and the world around them.

2023-2024 Private School Tuition and Fees


(US Branch) Live Private School Grades K-12: $7,503.00


(Latin American Branch) Live Private School Grades K-12: $3,704.40


Non-Refundable Application Fee $50
Non-Refundable New Admissions Fee $350


Tuition at Preference Academy Covers:
  • Required Textbooks (certain courses)

  • All Digital Textbooks

  • All benchmark testing

  • Virtual learning platforms

  • Peer Tutoring Support

  • Monthly Parent Academics Review Meeting

  • Virtual Field Trips

  • In-person monthly trips (minus incidental fees)

  • Graduation ceremony expenses (most)

  • Test fees for national tests administered to all during the school year

Tuition does not cover*:
  • Special Education Needs

  • Test Outs

  • Guidance Coaching Services

  • Credit Recovery Courses

  • Saturday School

  • Tutoring Services

  • Weekly 1-on-1 Guidance Coaching

  • SAT/PSAT Exams

  • Annual Prom (Fee is discounted for BLE students)

  • High School Beach Trip

  • International trips

  • General Athletic Activities

  • General Athletics uniforms

  • Certain school events and field trips.

*above mentioned services can be provided for an additional fee.


Preference Academy partners with PayPal Line of Credit. PayPal offers multiple plans and payment options.


Should you have questions about any aspect of the application process, please do not hesitate to contact us at  202-455-0047 (english),  301-531-4933, (spanish), or .


Join us, in the Best Life Ever!

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