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BLE Blue Jays

We love our students and we understand that it's important for them to have a balanced level of socialization. Not only does it help a young one to develop, but it also provides them with a sense of belonging, and builds character. 

Programs do not require you to be fully enrolled in the school. Students can attend another school and participate in Preference Academy programs by simply joining Club BLE.

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Lady Blue Jay 
Crank Squad

Our lady blue jays show up and show out when they come to perform at our school events. Our dance team provides our young sisters with a wonderful opportunity to continue doing something they love and to meet other young sisters at the same time. It will help them develop new skills and strengths that can be translated into other genres. Teamwork will have a new definition. 


Dance classes are held three times a week virtually so that our Crank Squad can practice for all upcoming games. 

BLE Blue Jays
Basketball Team

We're a basketball team like no other. There's no competition. Just young ones that feel that "ball is life!".  A great way to provide your student with fitness, great association, and a outlet away from the phone and TV, Basketball games are monthly during the months of February thru June. During the summer, we break so that students may have time to focus on their regional conventions. Not local to the DC metro region? No problem. We have Blue Jays coming soon to a area near you. Upcoming locations include:

Baltimore, Maryland

Brooklyn, New York

Palm Springs, Florida

Houston, Texas

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