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ELA/Language Arts

ELA/Language Arts

$700.00 Regular Price
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BLE Language Arts/English classes help students develop important reading and writing skills, while also inspiring a love of literature. Combining Phonics, Literature, Language Skills, and Spelling lessons, the Language Arts/English program emphasizes classic works, teaches writing as a process, and prepares students for standardized tests in the areas of language skills and reading comprehension. Younger children learn the basics of phonics and grammar and prepare for reading through systematic, multi-sensory activities, while older students develop literary analysis and comprehension skills by reading novels and nonfiction works.


For middle school and high school students, the course is aligned with the national standards of citing text evidence, main idea, summarizing, argument writing, and collaboration and discussion. 


19 Week semester classes are for 1-hour, four days a week


English Class Example

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