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Academic Diagnostic

Academic Diagnostic


Accurately assess your student's knowledge! Whether your child is in public school or homeschooled, it's important to know where your child is academically. Educational assessments in Math and ELA (English Language Arts) play a crucial role in a child's ability to know exactly where their academic strengths are, and areas that may need improvement. 


The BLE Assessment pinpoints students' grade-level proficiency in key math and English language arts strands in just 45 minutes per subject. Not only does it provide you with grade-level information, but our diagnostic measures a student's knowledge levels so that parents can make better-informed decisions when it comes to their child's academics. Lastly, our assessment will create a personalized action plan for your student. With these recommended skills, you have a simple way to close learning gaps and facilitate meaningful progress.


Purchase the Math and ELA assessment today and gain insights into your child's education. 

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