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The overall mission of Preference Academy's Student Services is to provide direct and indirect individual, school, family, and community services to foster student success by collaborating with others and promoting interventions, and prevention strategies. Student Services incorporates a variety of support services for students and families. These services vary and can positively impact a student in multiple ways. Be sure to regularly check our sight as we continue to add additional services and resources.


We keep our students engaged and active at Preference Academy.

Reading a Book

After School Programs

Afterschool programs can support social, emotional, cognitive, and academic development. From reading programs, to letterwriting groups, to athletics, our students have numerous opportunities to stay engaged passed the classroom. Our after school programs are free to all students in our private school, homeschool, and Club BLE programs.

Life coaching

Guidance Coaching 


Our coaches play a critical role in the lives of our students. They help students prepare for life in diverse ways, including educational or academic planning, social and emotional skills, and relationship building with parents and teachers. Our coaches help students achieve their goals in their future careers and social interactions.

School Field Trip

Field Trips

We understand that learning experiences happen beyond the classroom. By regularly getting our students together, they're able to build friendships that will last a lifetime. Every month, around the country, our students are able to benefit from both in-person and virtual field trips.

Youth Basketball Game

We're all one team but in different locations. Preference Academy has it's on basketball, flag football, and dance teams. Complete the tryout forms below if you are interested in joining and becoming a BLE Blue Jay!


Cheerleaders in Red
School Field Trip

Preference Academy students are busy when it comes to both in-person and virtual events. See what we have going on this school year.

Tutoring &
Academic Support

Does your child need after school tutoring? Do you have a non-BLE student and interested in taking a foreign language or a self paced course? We can work with your child’s curriculum and homework to address their unique educational needs, as well as help them focus, stay organized, prioritize, and study more effectively.

Online Tutorial
Boy Sitting on Grass

Special Needs

Our Special Needs department is designed to provide a supportive and inclusive educational environment for students with special needs and learning disabilities. We have a multidisciplinary support team consisting of educational psychologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, and other specialists.

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