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Jeanette McBean

Bowie, Maryland, United States

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What do you wish people knew about young people today?

"That sometimes giving advice is not the best thing to do in a situation. Being a listening ear is sometimes what someone needs. I know people know that but older ones have more experience and may have something to share. While it may be valuable I have noticed that when I don’t just receive the advice right away I am able to flush out what I am feeling."

What words of wisdom do you have for the younger ones?

"Do the work. It’s a simple statement but it is more applicable that one may think. One second of procrastination can become an hour and that hour a day."

What are your plans for the next 12 months?

I am traveling to Europe and Canada. I will spend a month in Jamaica preaching with their local Patwa congregation. I will continue to make music and develop my friendships. I also want to work on my digital art and creative writing.

An Open Letter to Our Daughter

An open letter to our daughter, Jeanette McBean


First time parents are a bundle of nerves, fears, hopes and expectations.  Both literal and figurative.  We waited eagerly for you to arrive in October 2004.  Before we could hold you in our arms you made us happy and proud to be your parents.  The time in between then and now seems so short.  But in that space, you have grown beautifully into a thoughtful, smart, funny and caring person.


Now at the end of your High School journey, academically successful, you again give us reason to be appreciative.  We watched as you navigated difficult transitions and challenging projects at school.  We were gratified to stand next to you and try to comfort you when you were not feeling your best.  By far though, our greatest joy was watching you read, study and take seriously the lessons that we tried to impart to you from the Bible about how to make your life (not just your academic life) a real success.  Lessons that, despite challenges, could help you live a satisfying life to be proud of.


You remember the origin of your name, right?  Janet and Jean.  These two women meant so much to us that we knew you had to share their names.  It was one of the first things we ever decided on as your parents.


You mean so much to us too, Jeanette.  Congratulations on your graduation from High School!


We are so proud of you!  We love you!


Paul and Vania McBean    

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